Workforce Development


A skilled and adaptable workforce is essential for economic growth. Implementing workforce development programs in collaboration with local educational institutions like the Jeff Davis County School District’s Career Technical Education Center and Pearl River Community College vocational training centers can ensure that the workforce in Jeff Davis County remains competitive in the evolving job market.

By aligning training programs with the needs of emerging industries, like Ingall’s Shipbuilding on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the county can attract businesses seeking a skilled labor force and provide them with a qualified, well trained one.

The partnership between South Mississippi Planning and Development (SMPDD) and Jeff Davis County, MS, underscores a strategic collaboration dedicated to advancing local workforce development.

SMPDD, as a regional planning and development agency, plays a vital role in coordinating resources and expertise to support Jeff Davis County's workforce initiatives.

Through joint efforts, SMPDD facilitates comprehensive planning, funding acquisition, and project implementation, ensuring that workforce development projects align with the region's economic development goals.

SMPDD's involvement signifies a commitment to fostering a resilient and well-connected community, laying the groundwork for increased opportunities, improved quality of life, and attracting businesses to contribute to the county's flourishing economic landscape.

Small Business Support:


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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of any economy. Jeff Davis County fosters a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing support programs for local startups and small businesses. This may include low-interest loans, business incubators, and mentorship initiatives, creating a conducive environment for business growth.