Welcome and Mission Statement

Mission Statement for Jeff Davis County Economic and Community Development District

At Jeff Davis County Economic and Community Development District, our mission is to empower our community through sustainable economic growth and community enhancement. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where businesses thrive, residents prosper, and the unique character of our county is preserved.

We strive to:

  1. Stimulate Economic Vitality: We actively promote and support the growth of local businesses, job creation, and economic opportunities that enhance the well-being of our residents.
  2. Enhance Quality of Life: We work to create a vibrant and inclusive community by investing in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and recreational amenities, making Jeff Davis County an attractive place to live, work, and play.
  3. Preserve Cultural Heritage: We honor and preserve the rich cultural heritage of our county, celebrating our traditions and history while embracing innovation and progress.
  4. Promote Sustainability: We are committed to responsible and sustainable development that preserves our natural resources and minimizes our environmental impact.
  5. Foster Collaboration: We build partnerships with stakeholders, local organizations, and government entities to leverage resources and work together towards shared goals.
  6. Empower Our Citizens: We provide resources and opportunities for our residents to grow, learn, and actively participate in shaping the future of our community.